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App Hider APK – Hide Apps application is one of the applications that have been classified on the Google Play Store as among the applications through which you can hide all the applications that exist on your smartphone. 

And through the customization section in the store Google Play, You can find the application and many sections found in Google Play. 

What is App Hider?

AppHider (Hide App) is a security system with which you can hide any application installed on the device, preventing curious people from accessing sensitive information.

To do this, you must tap No Hidden Apps and select the checkboxes for the desired programs. When finished, just click Save in the upper right corner of the display to save your changes.

App Hider for mobile phone

In the Settings menu, you can use the PIN protection option to limit access to the program, preventing anyone from discovering the scheme and trying to disable protection. It is worth remembering that AppHider (Hide App) needs root to work.

These include the special sections of the games and many hidden programs specialized in any section across many sections. Such as the tools section only, and there is a special section for video tools. You can find any application you want to find through many other sections by searching for the application through any previous sections.

You can find the application that you want to use and then download it. Through the applications section, you can enter the customization section, and then through the search list that is found in the Google Play Store, you can from Through multiple searches of your phone.

You can find the application through the original application interface and then enter the original application site and then press a button Download the program to hide applications and images for Android. 

After pressing the download button, you can wait until it is installed on your smartphone and then take advantage of all the application’s advantages and features. Through many benefits, you can use the application in a fun way.

Our Opinion on App Hide

With the help of AppHider (Hide App), you can protect your privacy and your most valuable data by blocking access to any application installed on the device. To do this, on the main screen, just check all the apps you want to protect.

The interface is simple and well organized, allowing you to hide your first apps in a few seconds. However, the programs simply disappear from the home screen, but you can still see them on Google Play.

Features and characteristics of the App

1. Hide and secure apps, photos, files

The program and application of hiding applications and images for Android are applications through which you can obtain the highest security and privacy level. Through the App Hider, you can hide all the applications that you want to hide and all the images that you want to disappear or save them in a secret place. 

One can access it, and if you do not have a password or password for your mobile phone, one of your family members or close friends is using your phone, and you want to hide some pictures and applications.

download App Hider apk for android

You do not want to share pictures with anyone and want to keep them. Through this beautiful application, the application of hiding applications and images for Android.

2. Too limited

Another problem is that if you want to use one of the hidden apps, you need to release the app on the AppHider home screen (Hide App) and then hide it again. It would be much more exciting and practical if the tool only required a password at the execution time.

The tool works partially, but it still needs to mature a lot to become functional. Besides, requiring a rooted device also drastically decreases the number of people who can access it, as there are much better apps.

3. Easy to use and free

You can use all the features of the applications and the features that the application has. Through the many advantages of the application and the menus available, you can use all the public lists.

And the most wonderful in use and one of the advantages of the application is very easy to use. Most users of the new application can use it easily without facing any difficulties in using the application.

And through the application, you can also use it for free and freely without subscribing or paying any fees, unlike many other applications. You can also invite all your friends to use the application, and you can invite them through any social networking site.

App Hider APK - Download v2.6.8_53 for Android

AppHider (Hide App) APK for Android is a security system with which you can hide any application installed on the device, preventing curious people from accessing sensitive information

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Operating System: Android

Application Category: PERSONALIZATION