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Everywhere, soccer games are popular and played by many people, including on Android cellphones. Nowadays, Android offline football games are getting more and more quality. Compared to consoles, soccer games on Android are not monopolized by two games (PES & FIFA).

Offline soccer games tin be played alone, so they don’t require an internet connection and real opponents. Here are 16 soccer games on Android devices that can be played offline.

This simple soccer game only focuses on three modes, namely dribbles, free kicks, and penalties. Even though it’s simple, this game is quite exciting and can be addictive. You’ll spend your time scoring goals from free-kicks in many areas on the pitch (long and close).

Some games have been developed for players who want a challenge, both in terms of play and from the side of strategy. Android offline football games are suitable for playing alone (no need to bother looking for other players) and are guaranteed not to eat up your data quota.