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The Android Auto APK app connects new cars compatible with Android Auto to smartphones running Android 5.0 or later (Lollipop or Marshmallow). Do you have a compatible car and smartphone? Just plug your device into the car’s USB port to get started.

Android Auto takes the most useful apps from your smartphone to your car screen, optimizing them to be seen at a glance and easily read while driving.

Android Auto requires an active data connection to use these apps fully and may require updates to some existing apps, such as Google Maps, Google Play Music, or Google Meet APK.

To check if your car is compatible with Android Auto, consult your Owner’s Manual or contact the vehicle manufacturer.

What is Android Auto?

The Android Auto APK program is among the assistive programs that help you focus on driving only, and through a lot of various features that exist in the application, through which you can drive more focused than before and through many of the features that exist in the program, you can drive easier with.


A driving companion that makes it easy for you to drive your car, and through the many features available with it, you can, through the following brief, learn about the rest of the advantages.

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A brief overview of Apps Auto Google Maps 

It is an Android Auto Google Maps app. This is one of the applications that help you focus while driving and through many smart menus in the application. 

And by exploiting each list individually and through many of the features that the program provides to you so that you can determine your destination without using your phone where you can through.

You can follow many steps to download the program and then install it on your smartphone. Through the many instructions that are inside the program, you can take advantage of all the various features and features, and through the Google Play store and also through the App Store, you can download it if it is Your phone does not run on Android and works on the iPhone system.

And through the search menu at the top of the store, through which you can type the program’s name and then click on the search button, it appears through many searches and many innumerable search results, and you can find the program.

Android Auto apk for android

Through your distinction for the original application interface and then enter the application site and through the initial program window, you can find the download button. Then you can click on it, and thus it is installed on your smartphone after connecting to your Internet and through a lot of internal menus that make it easier for you to use the application to be able to use.

Quickly and conveniently, as among its advantages, it can be used simply. The original application designer took into account the design of the application interface and the smallest details in it so that all users of different ages can use it.

Features and characteristics

What are the best apps that help you focus on driving your car? Through this question that was recently asked, many users from different parts of the world can answer this question and through a lot of information that exists about the Android Auto on Android.

In the Google Play Store and through the Search menu at the top of the store, many search results will appear by pressing the Search button. You can then enter the original application site and select your next destination while you are driving without being distracted by your smartphone and promised to focus on the road.

And by saying to Google “ok” or “ok google” and then seeing the screen, you can enter to the right or left according to the destination you want to go to and through your request from Google for help. 

By opening the application you want to use or even calling someone you want to talk to while you are driving, You can invite all your friends to download and install the program to your smartphone easily.

Android Auto APK - Download v5.7.603964 for Android latest

Android Auto APK for Android apps is among the assistive programs that help you focus on driving only, and through a lot of various features that exist in the application, through which you can drive more

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