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Among Us, this game has gained great fame in the Global in recent days. In this game, a group of players also participate, compatible with all smart devices that support the Android system and others, and you can download it to computers and contain two versions, one of which is free.

The other is a paid version so that you can download the free version through our website GameLoop APK.

What is Among Us?

Among US APK is a multiplayer game, and in the game, there will be a group of 4 players to 10 people, and each match will have 1 to 3 people as an Imposter, and an imposter will be able to use powerful weapons. Your mission inside the spaceship is to destroy the devices and kill the people on the ship.

This game’s simple and engaging graphics of the game will fascinate you, as some fantastic shapes and images have been placed to make you go on an imaginary journey out into space.

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You must register with one of the personal accounts that you have. Then you will be able to invite friends from communication sites or play with the participants Who are in the game modes and invite them to form the dream team and control all aspects of the game and levels.

This includes a large number of cartoon space characters with different colors, and each one of them has a set of unlimited characteristics and abilities.

And through it, you will constantly develop as at. First, you will get one character. Still, with progress and bypassing those traps and eliminating them, more of you will gradually be opened, and you will get super strength, speed, and limitless movements.

On many massive levels and various stages full of suspense and magical and imaginative events that happen in outer space, but you have to protect your ship from destruction.

Kill those who controlled it and enter the dark places and hidden hideouts. You must search within it and take prizes and rewards, and also, some assistance tools work To develop your abilities in carrying out the tasks and achieving all the goals, and this is not easy.

You have to complete the tasks and do the destruction you and the crew you have; you must have joint research and big plans to control all the ships and collect all the tools in it.

Also, suppose you are a beginner inside the game. In that case, You will find a significant list that was specially developed for you, which is a list with some instructions and tips in detail to help you play and explain how to deal with all the buttons and control systems and other various things.

It will update your personality and make it more powerful and the system and deal with all the heights of the stages, as you will get some prizes and earn points and rewards for purchasing and going to the next levels.

Features of the game to find Impostor

Video: How to play game/ Guide

The title has a straightforward cartoon look, making the game perform well on all supported devices.

Despite the friendly appearance, Among us MOD APK for Android creates a climate of tension between players, which gives the game a fascinating dynamic.

1. Identify imposters on the ship

In each of the matches, the host defines the criteria for creating the group, determining a maximum number of imposters per match.

When starting the game, the game presents the objectives to be fulfilled as file downloads, maintenance of the ship, and interaction with other devices.

Players must still observe the behavior of their teammates and report any strange movements to the group.

2. If you are an imposter

As the impostor, you must sabotage the team’s tasks, and when the opportunity arises, you must eliminate the other players.

But it is essential to be careful when attacking another player. When committing a murder, the victim stays in the place where he was shot, serving as evidence for the other players to find the impostor.

Unlike other players, the saboteur has some advantages in his movement, allowing the imposter player to enter secret passages and move more quickly through the ship. Using this mechanic as an advantage can make it difficult to capture.

3. Play games with friends

For an even more fun experience with the game, it is interesting that you try to play with your friends since the dynamics of discussion to find impostors becomes even more fun when it is possible to contact other players. Crossplay, in turn, makes finding who to play with even easier.

Among Us APK english for android

Among Us is a fun and simple game to play; it is not by chance that it has been so successful on streaming platforms, and certainly worth it; after all, it is free.

4. Review Gameplay

Among Us is an Android game in which players must perform the ship’s tasks and try to find out who is the imposter of the group. The game has online dynamics and has crossplay between the supported platforms.

With a close look and straightforward graphics, Among Us manages to be accessible, since it does not require very advanced hardware for good performance. Despite its simplicity, the game’s look pleases and fits well for the fun proposal of the title.

The gameplay is also straightforward, and even if the player does not use an external controller, he should have no difficulty playing. Fortunately, the game has a translation of the interface, making it even easier to play by clarifying the objectives.

5. Easy to play

The game’s commands are straightforward to adopt, limited to buttons for movement and another for interaction with the objectives.

Undoubtedly, the gaming experience benefits a lot from those who can play with more friends, even though it is a game that, during gameplay and guides the tutorial, does not allow the player to talk too much.

If possible, recommend the game to more friends, as the dynamics become much more enjoyable when playing in a group.

# Pros

  • Light and affordable
  • Account with crossplay with PC (Link Steam)
  • New in the world of games
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