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You will try through Alight Motion APK some different tools that will impress you in editing video clips. It has the characteristics of geometric shapes and modern technologies in dealing with all the impurities that exist in it, placing large effects, making the scenes blurry, and adjusting the colors. 

You can also perform in more than one way on The phone or direct participation with placing all the effects you need without any problems or paying the exorbitant money.

What is Alight Motion?

Alight Motion, a mobile app that allows you to make videos guaranteeing quality results and, what’s more, in an extremely simple and intuitive way. Its interface allows you to use its many functions without too much difficulty, even for those who don’t “Without knowledge” a lot of technology and video editing.

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Intrigued by the positive opinions you have heard and/or read, you would love to learn how to use Alight Motion and make some animated videos to share with your friends, so you would like to know if I can help you in this situation. Of course, yes, God forbid! Just give me a few minutes of your time, and I’ll show you how to take your first steps with this increasingly popular app for smartphones and tablets.

If you are ready to start, get comfortable, and try to put into practice the instructions, I will give you to make the best use of Alight Motion. I assure you that it will all be much simpler than you imagine. At this point, there is nothing left for me to do except wish you good reading and have fun!

So let me explain the app’s operation both in its version for Android and in that for iOS / iPadOS.

Usage for beautiful video editing

If you are using an Android device, after installing and starting Alight Motion, wait for the initial video optimization process to be completed and press the (+) button located in the center of the screen (below) to start a new project.

In the opened menu, then write the new project’s name to be implemented in the appropriate text field and define the format of your interest (e.g., 16: 99:164: 51: 1, etc.). It also indicates resolutionframe rate, and background, and click on Create project to continue.

You will thus find yourself in the presence of the Alight Motion editor, which, as you can see, has a well-organized and somewhat minimal interface, which significantly facilitates the use of the app. For example, to insert a new element in the project, all you have to do is press the (+) button in the lower right corner.

In the menu that has opened, then presses on one of the tabs visible on the screen to add new elements to your project: Shape, if you want to insert a shape; Image and video, to add an image or video; Audio, to insert an audio track; Elements, to add additional elements to download from the library on the Alight Motion website; Freehand drawing, to create a freehand drawing; Vector design, to insert a vector design or Text, to add Text.

After choosing the type of element to add to the project and pressing the close tab (e.g., Image and video ), all you have to do is select it from the menu located at the bottom of the screen to import it into the Alight Motion timeline. 

In the case of images, videos, and audio, you must press the Allow access button and allow the app to access the multimedia elements present on the device in use before doing this.

If, as it is likely to be, you have decided to put a photo or video in the app timeline first, change the clip’s duration by holding your finger on the (>>) button and dragging it left or right. Then repeat the steps just shown to add new images or new videos to the project.

Once you have added images, videos, and other elements to your project, tap on the element of your interest in the Alight Motion timeline, press the Effects button (bottom right of the opened menu), press the (+) button Add effect. Browse the app’s effects library and select the one you’re interested in (please note that padlocked effects are only included in the subscription version of Alight Motion).

In the box that is shown to you, use the buttons and menus visible on the screen to adjust the effect’s application. If you want to delete it, instead, press the dustbin icon.

To preview the final result of the video mode, press the Play button: if you are satisfied with it and you have no other changes to make, tap on the arrow icon inside the square (top right, if you don’t see it, you have to exit the application editor by tapping anywhere on the screen). Select. Therefore, the project’s output format (e.g., VideoGIF, etc.), press the Export button, and, if you do not want to subscribe, the checkmark on the option. No thanks, I like the watermark! and press the Continue button.

Finally, press the Save button to save the file locally or the Share button to share it on other platforms, and that’s it.

Features of professional video editor

Video: How to use Alight motion Basic for beginners

There are tons of animations and animations that you will find after downloading Alight Motion MOD for Android. It has excellent editing videos and placing various things that make them professional, such as movies. It includes extensive editing tools used by professional giants in editing clips. 

1. You can use it to create beautiful videos

So we have provided this program for you to benefit from the largest number of phone users and video clips. You will make your moments more beautiful after the day and make them attractive while putting personal touches on it all through the phone without subscribing.

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As it allows you to bring clips from within the gallery, and you must permit at the beginning to do so to reach and recognize all the media you have, it supports all formats Without problems and when placing the clip. 

It will allow you to see all the available options for free, as you will be able to put some filters that make you use the color boxes to change the appearance of all the parts in it. You can also use the effects that make you control one area and make it fit with anything to remove impurities from them professionally.

2. There are many outstanding advantages

Is an Alight Motion (Google Play) One of the significant applications in that field already? It has already won everyone’s admiration from the users, and not only that, it has been downloaded more than 10 million times, which is a large and huge number? 

And therefore, it has become one of the global applications that everyone trusts and adores for the new services provided every time an update is downloaded And a new version. So you should really and use that terrible version that makes you save your moments and share them with friends on communication sites without impurities or save them on your phone. 

It allows you to choose the format you want as it provides you with more than one that you can switch between them according to your taste, it also has some graphics and moving frames, and you can add them in any part of the clip, which makes it different and harmonious with each other. You can modify the breakfast place and make it in professional and fun geometric shapes. 

You control all the tools, so use your imagination and artistic creativity to create masterpieces of art and high graphics. It also has a border, and shadow effects also feature merging between applications to edit as you wish.

3. Some other features for you to create videos

  1. Alight Motion provides you with modern tools and features that allow you to edit and montage videos.
  2. The layers system is used for editing, and this feature will enable you to delete whatever you want or merge them.
  3. Alight Motion Apk allows you to save in more than one way in the phone gallery or direct participation methods.
  4. It has many animations and large frames that can be customized and put in the right place.
  5. After installs the Alight Motion app, you can also apply effects and filters to adjust the colors.
Alight Motion Pro APK - Download MOD v3.6.1 free on Android

Alight Motion MOD Premium APK for Android, a mobile app that allows you to make videos guaranteeing quality results and, what's more, in an extremely simple and intuitive way

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