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AirBrush APK brings powerful features and tools to help users adjust and overcome their shortcomings, along with various unique color filters updated continuously to help you get the picture.

What is AirBrush?

AirBrush – Best Selfie Editor is a simple but very functional application for those who want to improve their physical appearance before publishing a photo on the internet.

It brings smart tools capable of making realistic adjustments, eliminating small defects that we don’t want to share.

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It is possible to smooth the lines, eliminate small spots and pimples, whiten teeth and stains on the skin, apply a concealer to eliminate dark circles, increase or decrease body proportions, and use blurring tools and crop the final image.

After making all the adjustments, you can still apply color filters to finalize your image. All content is presented intuitively and practically, and with a few taps on the screen, you can make your perfect selfies to share with your followers.

Our Opinion on Best Selfie Editor Apps

Many image editing apps promise to remove skin imperfections and make your selfies perfect for sharing on social media, but few are as accessible and functional as AirBrush.

Even available only in English, its content is intuitively arranged, and each tool has visual aids that help to understand its function and show how to use it.

The amount of changes you can make is significant, and the results can be entirely realistic, even if you don’t master any advanced image processing app. Just slide your finger on the screen and view the instant change.

The final result is wonderful and generous for you to share on social networks, making you no longer have to discard a specific photo just because of small spots and imperfections on the skin.

1.Whiten teeth, smooth skin, erase acne with just one touch

With the powerful tools and features that AirBrush Pro brings, you will be able to whiten your teeth, smooth your skin, erase all bruises or annoying pimples, making your face naturally bright and white.

2. The Blur tool helps to blur out unwanted objects

Sometimes there will be unexpected objects appearing in your frame, or you want to blur everything around to stand out yourself, attracting the viewer’s attention. The blur tool will help you do that with just a few simple taps. You can blur everything you want in no time.

3. Slim tool helps shape and lengthen the legs of the image

With full-body photos, sometimes the height is limited or overweight affects the whole photo’s beauty and overall look.

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Understanding that, the application gives you Slim tools to help shape the person and stretch the photo’s legs to help you become more sparkling and outstanding.

4. Unique color filters updated regularly

The application offers unique color filters with various genres, from bright colors to deep mood colors or strong personality tones that are updated continuously. Users can freely choose and apply to their photos.

AirBrush (Google Play), with a simple, easy-to-use interface and unique and powerful features that the application offers, will help you get the most impressive and beautiful pictures. Are you ready to download the app and experience it right away? Feel free to leave your comments about the app below.

5. Artistic retouching feature

Apart from its HD editing features, Airbrush also has tools that let you add blur, stretch, slim, and tune your photos in just one artistic, beautiful and dramatic touch. Choose to retouch images or correct them manually automatically.

6. Add Photo Style

If you are not satisfied with your photo edits, you can add a Blur effect, giving you a more depth effect. With the blur effect you add, you will have a photo perfection like the results of professional photography.

7. Real-Time Edit

Any effect changes that you make to the photo will be immediately displayed on your smartphone screen. So you can decide whether to save or not. If you don’t like it, you just have to replace it with another one. all editing is done in real-time.

8. Easy to Share

Airbrush on is an immersive photo editing app. Moreover, it is also equipped with a sharing feature directly through the application. When you’re done editing, share your photos on popular social sites like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Snapchat via the right button on the Airbrush!

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