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Adobe does not ignore mobile devices’ success and now has an exclusive line for smartphones and tablets, the Touch. And now, it arrives at Android Market, the official Adobe Photoshop Touch APK app, which puts the experience of the world’s most famous image editing software on your device.

Despite already offering Adobe Photoshop Express, the developers went further, with a more complete and ideal program to edit, manipulate, and treat your images wherever you are.

What is Adobe Photoshop Touch?

Adobe Photoshop Touch is a complete app. It supports the insertion of text and combination of images, makes selections, inserts filters, and allows you to work in layers, just as it does on your computer.

The application is fully adapted to the Touch, allowing you to make cuts and selections of what you want to keep or delete in an image. Also, it has a function that uses the device’s camera, so you can fill photos with the texture you want.

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Adobe Photoshop Touch also guarantees easy access to Google Image Search to find what you are looking for and perform your want’s manipulations. Besides, you have Adobe Creative Cloud, capable of integrating your app with Photoshop on your computer.

Finally, it is possible to share your work results with all your Facebook contacts, receiving comments and praise directly in Adobe Photoshop Touch.

For example, photographers can edit their images completely, applying their ways of seeing the world, with various nuances; editors can manipulate the photos by cutting out many unique elements, merging them into one piece. Advertisers and designers can create brands and advertisements entirely from scratch, and illustrators can draw anything they want with tools like a brush and pen.

Our Opinion about Adobe Touch Mobile

Adobe Photoshop Touch is an app that has successfully brought the world’s most popular image editor experience to Android tablets. The program has the main work tools you need to handle, edit, and manipulate a photograph.

Its interface is wonderful and explores all the possibilities of touchscreen technology. The app also has 13 tutorials that teach the user how to create super different effects—all with a layered work area.

1. Computer functions on your mobile

Unfortunately, the tutorials are not as practical, not indicating where the tool is that you should use. But that does not take away the brightness of the application. Another positive point is a small thumbnail that serves as an example of the filters and effects you can apply to the image, making the job even more practical.

Editing and selecting the image may not be as accurate due to the Touch of your fingers on the screen, which cannot be compared to using the mouse. Adobe Photoshop Touch does not replace the computer program, but it indeed serves as an excellent complementary tool.

2. New updates

Adobe does not stop developing its applications. In its most recent update, Photoshop Touch has gained considerable improvements, especially for us English. This is because we can find the Portuguesem, English, Español… option among the new languages ​​compatible with the application.

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Besides, it is now possible to work with images up to 12 megapixels, use new gestures to zoom, and have a smoother and more accurate application performance, which had bugs fixed. Another cool upgrade is that Adobe Photoshop Touch now has two new effects for the images: shred and colorize.

3. Multi-touch slide slider

You can rely on pre-designed rectangular frames, squares, circles, or curves in Adobe Sketch; you can use the application tools to sketch the design in fashion as desired. I want.

Share works to Behance, Twitter, and Facebook. In addition to creating photos for yourself to admire, you can also share them with the Adobe community, Facebook, Mail, Sketchbook so that people can learn more about your skills, or they will comment on your photos. Your friend becomes more perfect.

4. Unlimited Painting

Sketch Adobe allows you to draw unlimited drawings to unleash your creativity in the most comfortable; also, the application brings 11 tools to help adjust the layer’s size, color, and opacity (layer image). You can take advantage of this feature to draw real objects such as eyebrows, flowers, real-life objects into your drawings.

You can press and hold any brush stroke on the screen to choose the best one; Sketch Adobe is equipped with more than 50 different brush strokes for you to change as you like. You can also change the weight, shape, size of the line or add more lines via the ABR file.

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Photoshop 2020 updates

The most updated version of Photoshop brings together several improvements and news for those who use Photoshop on Mobile. Check out.

  • Better and faster portrait selection: a completely new “Select object” code, just for portraits. You can create more accurate selections of people with just one click.
  • Improvements in Adobe Camera Raw: The Adobe Camera Raw workspace has been updated to place your tools where you need them in order to edit more easily and efficiently.
  • Automatically activate Adobe fonts: Photoshop now automatically finds and adds all Adobe fonts available to your libraries when you open a Photoshop document.
  • Add rotating patterns: Easily change the orientation and add rotation to any pattern in the “Pattern overlays” and “Pattern fills” layers.
  • Enhanced similar font: Experience better accuracy with an Enhanced similar font, which supports vertical text, multiline detection, and other fonts.
  • Adjust the edges of the selection with “Refine edge”: on the tablet, capture fine details at the edges of a complex selection, such as hair, hair, or other delicate edges of the object with the “Refine Edge” option.
  • Rotate the screen freely: Use the intuitive two-finger gesture to rotate the screen while working in the direction that seems most natural when working on the tablet. 


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