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Now you can edit photos better with Photoshop Mix APK. It lets you crop, combines images, or help you adjust colors, and it has other features.

To use photo editing functions, this app also can share the images you create with your friends.

What is Adobe Photoshop Mix?

Adobe Photoshop Mix is ​​an application for making simple montages and uncomplicated edits. The result, however, is magical!

It allows you to quickly remove an object from one image to paste in another and has an option that applies filters only to selected photo regions.

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That way, it is possible to highlight parts of the image with a more vivid effect, leaving your photo perfectly balanced. All of this is done with smart selection – that is, it detects parts of the picture that are similar and automatically adds them to the tag, making it possible to edit this later.

It brings some ready-made color and texture filters, which can be applied with just one click, but what draws attention is the montage: add a background for the photo and then insert an image with some object you want to paste in the background.

It is possible to cut this object quickly with advanced tools, and in a few minutes, you create beautiful collages. Only two photos can be used simultaneously, but it is possible to save the assembled image to apply more layers later. If you have a special touchscreen pen, the whole process is even more accurate.

Features of the application Adobe PTS Mix

If you enjoy editing images, you can spend hours using Adobe Photoshop Mix: it is entirely free (you only need to log in with your Adobe ID). It brings solutions that look like magic to your photographs and allow you to create amazing montages. The problem is that, because it requires many devices, it is very restricted.

# Other Highlights

  1. Quickly crop images.
  2. Combine images in batch.
  3. Change image colors and contrast accurately.
  4. Delete or add new effects.
  5. Photo editing will not destroy your original image.
  6. Easily share your images on social media.

# The downsides that the user reviews

  • Application freezes when pressing back.
  • When the freezing error occurred, the project could not be saved.
  • After using the “cut” function, then confirm that the edit is saved, then the load error occurs.
  • Error clicking the + sign does not show the list of functions.
  • Editing images are finished; when output, they have low resolution.
  • There is no automatic cropping feature.
  • Poor compatibility on many devices.

1. More stable but less compatible

As soon as this app was launched, it had much more excellent compatibility and was installed on older devices, such as the Galaxy S4. However, he was quite unstable and crashed several times in tests. The new versions of this app are much more stable, but this has a very high cost: it can now be used on a minimal number of models.

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If you don’t have a high-end Android, which is new and completely updated, forget about using it since Adobe preferred to cut compatibility rather than fix the problems – at least for now. The company may go back and leave the more comprehensive app soon, but it is not what happens yet.

2. It looks like magic!

Despite the compatibility issues, however, it is magical. The selections are brilliant, and it allows you to crop any item from the photos in a few moments. Using a touchscreen stylus, the results are even better, as it allows for greater precision in very small areas.

Something interesting is the possibility of using the filters selectively. In this way, you can highlight the main areas or even correct the lighting in an efficient manner. The problem here is that it allows only one filter and one mask per edit. It would be much more interesting if you could blend the effects according to the image area.

3. Mix limitations

Despite being very interesting and magical, Photoshop Mix is ​​very limited to its “big brother”. For example, it is possible to work with only two photographs at the same time. If you want to place more objects than that, you will need to save the assembled image first – with no possibility of further editing.

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Thus, large and complex assemblies are not possible or, at least, they are very difficult to make. Adobe promises that the possibility of adding more layers will come in the next versions of the application; for now, you still need to save the photo as a new image and then continue editing.

4. Connected all the time

Something interesting but potentially problematic is that this application is constantly connected to the internet, synchronizing everything you do with Adobe Cloud.

This is good since the changes are saved in real-time, but it is important to remember to activate the function that only allows this to happen on WiFi. Otherwise, you can spend the entire data package on this game.

It is very worthwhile to test Photoshop Mix MOD APK, especially if you have a phone with a lot of processing power. It is still very unstable and has constant bugs, but it promises to be one of the best image editors if these problems are solved.

Adobe Photoshop Mix Mobile
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