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Today GameLoop APK will introduce you to a special application, and it’s called 2ndLine APK.

For those who travel or have relatives or friends overseas, keeping in touch can be difficult. And now you can use 2ndLine.

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The app can allow users to use a second phone number with an international number (the United States or Canada).

This application helps you to send messages and make phone calls without, for example, SIM. Everything you can now be done from your Smartphone without any modifications.

The 2ndline also has many other features for users, which you can explore in this article.

What is 2ndLine?

2ndLine is an application that allows you to register and use virtual phone numbers in the US and Canada. It will allow you to call and text from a separate number on your phone using your WiFi or cellular network.

When you start using it, can you choose a phone number yourself and then send messages (Emoticons, GIFs …) and various images, or make cheap international calls and calls limit.

It also has the feature that many people love that you can record voicemail, caller ID, call forwarding, text, and change the ringtone, quick answer, and create a friend’s signature. And it also has an encryption function, making all the information of calls and messages safe and secure.

What is Virtual Phone Number Registration?

To get started, download 2ndLine, available on the Play Store, or use the MOD 2ndLine on GameLoop.Mobi to use the premium version. And on the first use, the app will introduce its features.

To be able to use the resource, a user must register with an email and a password. The second step is to start searching for an available phone number. You must now enter an area code to open a list of possible numbers.

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You can choose which number to use on the second phone line and start using. From 2ndLine, you can make calls to the US and Canada without any cost. For international calls, the user must enter credit.

In the settings, the app will offer the ability to block numbers with passwords, purchase credits, notification settings, in addition to making calls and sending messages. Since it is connected to email, you will not worry about losing information when exchanging devices.

2nd Line application advantages

If you intend to travel abroad or need to stay in touch in other countries for work or other reasons, then 2ndline will be essential for everyone. This app is designed to keep you in touch, allow calling from other countries.

It lets you choose phone number options for the US and Canada. And it supports all users well, especially due to the ability to make international calls at more competitive rates.

Another plus is the functionality is interesting, as it doesn’t need anything other than the app to function. Just as it has simple calls made, messages work properly and have data protection via password protection.

The ability to top up international calls directly in the app makes it easier for users to use. Alternatively, you can pay via Google Pay using a registered card.

2ndLine, on the other hand, cannot provide the number for the second phone line in all codes.

Features of the Second Phone Number application

1. Use Free to call and text

2ndLine uses a VoIP service, under which it takes mobile data or WiFi connection to transmit information connection from your phone. Therefore, it will give you free use if you contact everyone in the US and Canada, and the recipient of the message and call does not need to use 2ndLine. However, it is only available in the US and Canada.

2. User-friendly interface

If you used Textnow, now you should download 2NDLINE. It is well built by the developer, all the features you need will appear on the screen.

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If you click the Menu button, you will be able to check other information, such as checking account information, phone number, and registering a premium account.

3. Pros and cons

  • Simple interface, easy to use
  • Use virtual phone numbers for free
  • Call and text for free in the US and Canada
  • You can upgrade to Premium plan to remove ads
  • Only support for Android operating system
  • We recommend using the Premium version to remove annoying ads
  • It has poor sound quality when making calls.

If you need a second phone number for texting, 2ndLine seems to be a good option. You also need to live in the US or Canada. Otherwise, you cannot use the app.

However, it is talked about by many people about sound quality, so if you need to make calls on 2ndline Premium MOD APK, then you can choose a better app.

2ndLine Premium APK - Download MOD v20.47.0 ViP on Android
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Using 2ndLine on Android is easy, it will let you use the 2nd phone number on your phone

Price Currency: USD

Operating System: Windows 10

Application Category: COMMUNICATION